Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Conundrum!!!

Good Afternoon Crafty Friends, Followers and Visitors

A question for you all!
What do you do when your mojo goes on holiday?

In all the time I have been crafting I can honestly say that this is the first time I am seriously struggling to craft!  I have spent the last 4 days sitting at my craft desk, start a couple of things that have ended up in the bin!

Do you get frustrated?
I am so frustrated it is driving me bananas (it doesn't take much) LOL!
I have a couple of ideas on projects I want to do but once I start it just doesn't gel, I walk away have a cuppa and come back, look at it and see a complete travesty of a creation so in the bin it goes.

Solution - Maybe

I have now decided to just walk away for a couple of days and take a complete break.
Hubby and I are taking a couple of day away to visit the Isle of Man and I am hoping a change of scenery will reignite my enthusiasm for crafting.

I am going to take my camera and sketch pad with me hoping to get some inspiration.

Do you have any tips for re-igniting your mojo?
Please share!

Many thanks for you support!
Crafty Hugs 


Kath said...

I'm sure your mojo will return soon. When I get 'stuck' I tend to tidy my craft drawers and bits 'n' bobs then find things that I want to 'play' with! Enjoy your time in the Isle of Man - I've never been but it's on our 'to visit one day' list.
Kath x

NanaConnie said...

I do exactly what you're doing, my friend. When my mojo goes on vacation, so do I! :-D I always come back with my creativity inspired and rejuvenated.

Unknown said...

Take a walk on the wild side, or maybe just forget about it all for a while and recharge the little grey cells, Hugs Jennifer xx

scrAPpamondo said...

I think that a breck is perfect when mojo doesn't work! Enjoy life and it will come again :D

KarinsArtScrap said...

hope you find your mojo back Linda, mayby if you look ta some magazines or on internet to get some ideas.
hope your vacation helps.

Gr Karin

rachel said...

I think you're doing exactly the right thing Linda - just enjoy your break and don't even think about craft - your mojo will come knocking! Hugs rachelx

Laine said...

Sometimes when you have a lot to do your mojo just goes walkabout. We sit down most days and expect to create something lovely. Have a break and you will come back full of crafting beans! Enjoy your break Linda.

Juliz Design Post said...

When my mojo goes I usually end up walking away from it or just make embellishments ready to go on projects. Enjoy your break.
Hugs, Julie x

Dawn said...

Oh Linda, we all get there at some point! Take a well deserved break & enjoy your time away! You're mojo will be back before you know it!
Dawn xx

pam said...

Hope your mojo returns soon Linda, enjoy your break.
Pam x

Fikreta said...

I take my time and dont do anything.
Bad Kitty's Craftroom

Jackie T said...

Hi Linda I think a complete break will do you good. Focus on your surroundings enjoy where you are and just see what happens. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Unknown said...

HI Linda it's only happened a couple of times but I go for a look online for idea's and then it all come's back even with more.

Hugs Debs xx
{Debs Cards}

Olga Fink said...

Don't worry Linda! I have had my fair share of no mojo for crafting! so usually what helps me is to get away from my desk, do other things and I am addicted to Pinterest! I love looking at all the fantastic cards that other people make, and slowly slowly my mojo gets back and I am eager again.
So I am sure your trip will help you clear your head until you come back!
enjoy your trip!
xoxo Olga

cuilliesocks said...

Sounds like a great plan Linda, and I hope you both enjoy your break. IOM is lovely and it does have beautiful scenery. I'm sure your creativity will be up and running soon, Kate x