Monday, 18 July 2011

Doncaster Workshop 2011

The day had finally arrived one we dedicated crafters had been waiting all year long for, workshop with Stephanie and Nancy at Doncaster.  We had discussed nothing else on the MCS forum for a couple of weeks so the excitement had been building up for a while.

I got up early on the Friday morning and travelled from Warrington to Doncaster, as I got near I was getting quite excited as not only was I going to be at the workshop but one of my friends was going to be there too.  A few of my MCS forum friends would also be attending and it was going to be really exciting to meet them after a couple of months of chatting to them on the forum.

As I got inside the reception area of Doncaster Racecourse, the area was buzzing with excitement as there were a lot of crafters eager to get started on a fabulous day.  We were finally allowed to go up the escalators to the top floor where are workshop would take place.  As we walked into the room the there were a lot of circular tables set out and piled high with goodies for us all, 220 of us.  We went and sat at a table and my friend Janet and her husband arrived and we were able to sit together which was lovely.  The girls from MCS were walking around ensuring that all the tables were ready and a note from Stephanie telling us to "keep our paws" off the bags until the workshop began. 

The excitement was building as 10 o'clock approached, then at a minute to 10 the music started for Rocky, (the tune from where he runs up the steps and punches the air as he gets to the top) and out the doors came the fighting crafting duo, both were dressed in black with flourescent pink leg warmers, wrist bands and head bands, we all cheered and the show began.  The jogged up to the stage and on the table was strategically placed 2 GIN bottles (they say filled with water).  There was a lot of cheering and laughter from the dynamic duo and then we got down to business.

Here is a picture of my friend Janet and I with our first completed project.  A book card with an acetate topper of a bird cage with a lovely feather, bead embellishment and ribbon border.
This is David, Janet's husband with another lovely crafter called Janet with their completed cards too.  As you can see we are wearing our lovely pink aprons which had been signed by both Stephanie and Nancy.
We went on to do another 3 more cards which were just as lovely to do.  They involved using different techniques and sumptious papers, embellishments and ribbon.

I can safely say we all had a fabulous time and both Stephanie and Nancy were on top form, coming round the room all day speaking to each table and helping out.  I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive THANK YOU to all of the girls at MCS and not forgetting Paul who was the only male helper there.  Zoe, Emma, Jayne, Christine, Kirsty, Diane, Deirdre, Nicola, Emma and a few others to whom I must apologise for not remembering their names, they did an amazing job helping us all.
I have attached just a few photographs of a most enjoyable day, I met a few of MCS forum friends and the ladies who where on our table thank you for your wonderful company.


This last photo is of me with Stephanie and Nancy kindly giving me a sip (or should a say glug) of their Gin, we had a lot of giggles over that when I told them that I do actually drink Gin. :)

A happy day, can't wait now until next year :)

I hope you have enjoyed my little tale of a fabulous day at Doncaster. 
Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Crafting
Linda xxxx


Tip Top said...

Sounds and looks like you had a great time!

Gill McCall said...

what a fabby time you had. i just wish i could have gone too :-( maybe next year!
now how much gin did you drink !!!