Thursday, 21 July 2011

My First Blog Award

Good Afternoon everyone

Well I had a lovely surprise yesterday and got my first blog award from the lovely Amy Jo, please click on the link to check out her lovely blog.

I have certain rules to follow for this so I would first like to thank Amy Jo ever so much for this my first award :)

I now have to tell you 7 things about myself that no-one know, boy is that difficult.

1.  Some people might be surprised to learn that I was actually born in Malta and travelled the Far East until my dad left the armed forces.  I loved it.

2. I didn't see a real live TV until we came back to the UK and I thought I was at the cinema.

3. I donated one of my kidneys to my son in 2007, and he is doing marvelous, he was diagnosed after just turning 21 and it was touch and go for a few years but everything went well.

4. I was in the Terratorial Army for 3 years and loved it.  I went on exercise to Germany for 2 weeks in the Mosel valley, very tiring but so enjoyable.

5. I was a radio operator and I can drive an army landrover, very scary when driving down the Mosel valley at stupid o'clock in the morning

6.  I have a cat  called Tiggy and she is my very first pet as an adult.  This surprised a lot of my family as they were not aware that I was a cat lover!!!!!!!

7.  I have an addiction to white chocolate. YUM YUM :)

Now I have to pass this award onto 7 fellow crafter's gosh who to choose so difficult as there are lots of lovely blogs I follow. 

1. Gill -
2. Maria -
3. Paula -
4. Ruth -
5. Linda -
6. Dawn -
7. Maggie -

I hope you visit their sites and leave a comment.  This was really difficult for me to choose as I visit so many.  Crafty Hugs to Amy for this lovely award.

Thank you for stopping by

Crafty Hugs to you all
Linda xxxx


Debbie T said...

Congratulations Linda, its a great feeling! Debbie T :)

Dawn said...

Why thank you very much Linda! I'm touched to be one of your 7! I will sort this out when I get a few minutes!
Dawn xx

Gill McCall said...

CONGRATULATIONS well done you and THANK you so much for nominating me - i am well chuffed.
I will post about it on my blog in the morning as too pooped after a terrible day :-( but this has cheered me up. thank you X

Tip Top said...

Wow - thank you!! Will have a think about what I can put!!

AmyJRockstar said...

I'm so glad this made you happy, Linda! You have quite the lovely blog yourself and you are so sweet that I thought this award fit you perfectly! Wow, you have had quite the interesting life. I don't think anyone would have guessed all that about you! You are one strong lady it sounds like. Amazing! Have a wonderful week, my new friend. :0)

Amy Jo

Paula Gale said...

OMG - thank you so much for this award Linda - I can't believe that you have a cat called Tiggy - cos so do I! She's black coloured and looks like Budha when she licks her big saggy belly!!!

Thanks again

Paula x x x