Sunday, 25 September 2011

Turkey 2011

Hi All

Well I have just spent the last 2 weeks in Alktinkum, Turkey.  It was amazing and the weather was fabulous until the last day when it rained.  That didn't stop me from swimming in the pool while it was raining though it was fantastic and I had a lovely drink of Rum and Coke to keep me going.

This has just been the best holiday, we stayed in the hotel called Vernosa which was just amazing.  We were on the 4th floor and the views from the balcony are posted below this photograph of the hotel.  Every room had a sea view and the decor of the reception area was truly amazing.  There were 3 bars and you could eat from sunrise to sunset.  Naturally I put on a bit of weight whilst away but that was part and parcel of having a fabulous holiday.

The weather was very hot and sunny as to can see from the photograpghs the sky was a deep blue.  The temperature never went below 30 degrees and we had a couple of really hot days at 38 degrees.

For my husband and I this is a relaxing holiday and we don't go on a lot of day trips but there was one particular trip we went on and that was to see Apollo's Temple.  We did pick the hottest day to go but oh my it was worth it.  It was truly amazing as you can see from just one of the many photographs we took.

I certainly didn't spend all my time lazying in the sun reading although I did get through 8 books whilst I was away.  I ticked off a few things on my list of things I wanted to do which included playing water polo, sliding down one of the water slides which in itself was an achievement for me as I am scarred of heights, won't ever do that again, played beach volley ball which was great fun.

The photographs below are of my hubby Rick and I and also one of me posing on our last evening before we had to come home.

If you ever fancy going to Turkey for a holiday I would thoroughly recommend this hotel.  Everything is there, they have spa facilities which both my hubby and I had a Turkish Bath with a massage and was fab.  There is a hairdressers/barbers shop there which hubby had not 1 but 2 turkish shaves which he really enjoyed.

Well that is it from me today.  I hope you have enjoyed a little look at just a few of my holiday pictures and thank you for stopping by.

Linda xxxxx


jimlynn said...

Awesome photos! Know y'all must have had so much fun!

Tammy said...

Amazing pictures, hard to believe Apollo's Temple is so old and still standing. TFS.

Louise said...

So glad u had a lovely holiday x. It looks amazing there ;)

Gill McCall said...

Linda this looks like a fabby place to visit and im so glad you had an amazing time. the photos are brilliant and i hope you can create them in a scrapbook. i will add turkey on my list of places to visit.

Linda said...

Wow Linda your vacation looks amazing and you and your hubby look so good together.What a super cute couple!!!!! Looks like you got lots of sun too great tan!!!!!! But so glad your back we missed you in blog land!!!!!!


AmyJRockstar said...

Oh my, Linda! The pictures are breathtaking! This looks like you had so much fun! Vacations are so wonderful. So happy you had such a lovely time and look at you all tan and lovey! Congrats on the well deserved time away. What a lovely trip! And yes, we are in LOTS of hops together it seems! Taking on a lot, but I think it's gonna be a fun season for sure. Looking forward to seeing all of your lovely creations.

Great big squeezes for you,
Amy Jo

AmyJRockstar said...

P.S. I finally got your button loaded on my blog. Thought I'd return the favor. :0)

XO ~ Amy Jo