Friday, 18 March 2016

Why Wordpress!

Good Morning Crafters

As you are aware I have set up another blog using Wordpress.

This blog will be for all my altered art/mixed media projects.

People have been asking me why?

One of the main reason which precipitated me to move was to separate my mixed media from my general crafting.

I have more control over what happens on my Wordpress blog than on Blogger.

As you are all aware they changed the way in which our followers could follow us and we lost a lot of them through this which was out of our control.

Yes, you can still follow me on Wordpress by signing up for an email, which is just the same as being notified from Facebook when I blog on Blogger.

I really wanted a more professional look to my blog which was quite simple in it's design and I love the layout of my new blog.

I would love to know what your thoughts are, please share.

Here is the link to my new blog!

Enjoy your day and I will be back again tomorrow!

Hugs xxxx


Em Louise Fairley said...

Hi Linda, I totally understand you having your new blog on WP. My writing site is on there and while Blogger has its pluses I too prefer WP.

Em x

Jennifer Bradley said...

Been for a visit and looks great Hugs Jennifer xx

Deborah Artliff said...

looking good Linda I will keep popping over.
Debs xx
{Debs Cards}

Florence said...

Hi Linda, As you know I am on wordpress but I use my blogger account as a reader for the blogs I follow. I really like WP but I am not happy with their reader. It doesn't seem to pick up all the different blogs. Blogger does however pick up Wordpress blogs so that is working better for me. So I think your followers can add your new Wordpress blog url to their following lists on say, blogger and it will pick your WP posts up. I found Email notifications take about 24 hours to come through.
Hugs Flo xx

Pollard Carole said...

I hated when we lost followers it really was big brother I have signed up to your new blog so will follow both I don't want to miss your creations Love and hugs Carole x

Dawn Lancaster said...

Following now! xx