Monday, 25 July 2016

Decisions, Decisions...

Good Afternoon Crafty Friends, Followers and Visitors

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.

I had a nice relaxing weekend spent at home which is unusual as I am usually spend time going to workshops at the weekend, so it was nice to spend time at home, I have another weekend at home next week and then the workshops begin :)

I have been umming and arghing as to whether to start selling my mixed media projects and handmade cards.  After chatting with a few of my friends I have decided to try and sell them from my blog to begin with as I haven't sold any in quite a while.  I do get private messages on Facebook asking if I sell my cards and sold quite a few that way.

If you, my friends, have any hints and tips you would like to share on where and how you sell yours it would be greatly appreciated.  Also what do you charge?  I don't want to under sell but at the same time don't want to over charge either.  I suppose it is finding that happy medium.

At the top of my blog I have created 2 pages one for mixed media and the other for cards.
I would be interested to know what you think and your experiences.

Enjoy your day!
Thanks for visiting!
Crafty Hugs xxxxx


sandra carey said...

Hi Linda its hard to find the right places to sell I have just looked at your prices I think the Mixed media is about right and the card are good to I tend to charge a pound more for over the top cards also if they are paying you by paypal they will charge you so put a bit more on your price to cover this Hugs Sandra x

KT Fit Kitty said...

Good luck with your sales! I've never sold my cards - I don't think mine would be good enough to sell - I make them specifically for family and friends and then mail/give them out. Maybe some day I will be good enough to sell - would be great to get some spending money! Best of luck to you!

Pollard Carole said...

Hi Linda I only sell to friends and family usually commissions . The ones I end up with are my Design Team stuff and other bits I make used to sell at my husbands work for charity but he retired a couple of years ago. So my box is very full I'll be interested how you get on with your sales. I'm not sure I want to use the Social media route though Love and hugs Carole x

Tinka's paper wonderlland said...

Good luck, I wish you a good sale!!
♥Hugs Valentina♥

Cathy Clowes said...

Great idea Linda- you are sure to sell your cards easily. I use my Facebook page to sell cards, but don't sell many, mainly because I don't have much time. I put one on Ebay recently and was really surprised to sell it. I probably don't charge enough...Cathy x

Olga Fink said...

I was thinking about it the other day actually, and I was thinking about opening an Etsy shop. I have seen a few that sell cards. Have a look at that.
Xoxo Olga